Who we are

Singularity Interactive is a small tech company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, doing business since 2013. While providing innovative tech solutions for our clients locally, Singularity strives to be a trailblazer in the gaming industry.

Our Mission

We create innovative games that challenge and reward people, both intellectually and emotionally, by immersing them in powerful stories.

Our Guiding Principles

Games of any size or scope can positively
impact lives
Commit to continuous personal Growth &
Respect & honor the dignity & importance of
the individual
Create a standard of excellence
by the gaming industry
& its consumers
To create great games, we must play great
& allow ourselves to be inspired.
Value the quality of our products over
& tools used
good ideas;
they will not be blocked,
stolen, or ignored
Only engage in activities as a
company that execute or support our
We cannot succeed without integrity,
& committment
to our principles

Our Team

Edward Hahn


I believe that games are a natural evolution of storytelling. By telling stories where the player is the protagonist, or even the antagonist, games can entertain, create communities, and expose players to emotions and challenges they may not otherwise experience.

Justin Chadbourne


Play is an important part of learning about who we are. Competition; an important part of learning where we can adapt and grow. Somewhere along the lines of everyday life most of us lose the ability play, to join an epic quest. Let's change that.

Jonathan Eitel

UI/UX Designer

Gaming is more popular and widespread than ever before. There is so much opportunity in the industry, and utilizing the latest technologies to create immersive, imaginative, and exciting adventures that delight and inspire our users is what we thrive on.

Andrew Gouin

Software Developer

Video games are an art form, a canvas of pixels and devices painted with software. They submerge you into exhilarating situations and test your abilities to persevere and succeed.

Jaci Woodburn

Project Manager

I think that challenging ourselves with games expands our perception and forces us to be creative in new ways.

Joshua Ashby

Software Developer

I'm really only here because Justin is so amazing. I would do anything just to be around him because he's so cool and I look up to him so much.